Symptoms of Different Ailments in Your Cat

Just like the case with babies, figuring out when your cat is sick could be problematic. Cats tend to hide it when they do not feel well. That is a common trait in all cats, even in the wild. In case of any symptoms, it’s crucial to visit a vet for further diagnosis. Here are some are common signs of different ailments in cats.

Weight Loss Or Gain

Loss of weight in your cat that happens quickly is a clear indication that it is unwell. It could be a simple tummy ache or a severe illness like cancer and kidney disease.

An abrupt weight gain in cats with no diet change indicates pregnancy, a tumor, infection, or even the Cushing illness.

Eye or Ear Problems

Cloudiness and discharge from the cat’s eyes is an indication of infections or parasitic attacks. You should check for discharge, discoloration, inflammation, or redness on the ears too.

Bad Breath

Foul breath from your cat is an indication of common cat ailments like kidney diseases. You should check the cat’s mouth keenly for any signs of discoloration and inflammation. However, bad breath from the cat could be a sign of tooth decay or gingivitis.