The Main Cat Breeds Kept as Pets

Cats are a great addition to any family. Alongside dogs, they are the most popularly kept pet animals across the world. They help keep away small animals like mice and rats away from the house. They are also easy to take care of because they are very gracious with where they go to the toilet, unlike dogs you have to clean after every time. They are also known to have a calm demeanor and personality. Below are breeds you should consider when adopting these cuddly friends.

Main Coons

They are large and can weigh up to 30 lbs. Main Coons are the most preferred breeds by many people for being friendly and having a beautiful appearance. These cats are very playful and will follow you around the house because they enjoy the attention.

Persian Cats

They are commonly referred to as smushed-face because of how their lovely flat faces. Persians have stunning round eyes and long and beautiful fur coats with distinct coloring. They have a calm temperament and get along with people well, so they are most commonly used in movies, commercials, and arts. However, because of their long fur, they require regular grooming.

Siamese Cats

They are a beautiful breed with huge bright eyes and brown fur on their limbs and tails that make them unique. They have a relaxed personality, and they mostly love sitting on the owner’s lap and enjoy some occasional purring.


Himalayans are a cross-breed of the Persian and the Siamese cats. They have the appearances and characteristics of the two breeds. The most prominent feature in this breed is the long color point fur patterns and the smushed faces impression that they get from the Persian breed.


As the name suggests, the Ragdolls are docile and always calm. They are similar to Siamese breeds in appearance. The significant distinction between the two breeds is the longer hairs on the Ragdolls. Like several other breeds, these blue-eyed cats love following their owners around and also enjoy getting attention.

Bengal Cat

The Bengals have a rugged appearance that makes them look like wildcats. Even the markings and the beautiful patterns on their bodies resemble their cousins living in the wild. Their appearance is a result of cross-breeding between a wildcat and a domestic cat. However, these breeds have a very calm demeanor and personality, making them likable by many people.


They are the best cats for most cat lovers who are allergic to fur. They have no fur on their bodies, making them many people’s preference because they are easy to take care of. These beautiful cats are friendly, love cuddling, and very active.

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